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We provide you with marketing materials. You just need to advertise JoyAmaze® products anywhere online, offline or through mobile communication services like WhatsApp and WeChat. Like to do it the old-fashioned way? Oh, yes, you can too.

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About Affiliate Programme

The programme is an easy-to-do marketing program. We provide all the attractive, interactive and non-interactive marketing materials and promotional tools. All you need to do is upload any of the promotional tools to your website, social media page, mobile communication services, e-mail or hand them directly to your intended customers.

Upload any of the promotional tools to your website, social media page, mobile communication services, e-mail or hand them directly to your intended customers and make a sale.

Make your dreams happen now!

  • comfortable life
  • debt free lifestyle
  • cash always within reach
  • have more family time

Earn your supplementary income without;

  • high capital
  • neglecting your family
  • university qualification
  • waste of your car fuel

If you have the willpower to change your current life to gain more earnings, join JoyAmaze® Affiliate Programme now.

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Daily Big Earnings

The Sign-up Process

You earn an on-the-spot profit every time you make a sale. We offer our products to you at wholesale prices so that you can earn big profits. The more sales you make, the more big profits you can enjoy.

  • No need for bonus.
  • Increase your income daily.

You just earn, earn and earn when you join JoyAmaze® Affiliate Programme. So sign up now and earn big, not tomorrow, today.

Next Month Goals:
  • New house
  • Health insurance
  • Go to travel
  • More saving
  • University fees
  • New PC

Grab a hold of JoyAmaze® Affiliate Programme Application Form from the local newspapers or simply download one from this website. And best of all there’s no application fee.

Download Application Form Here!

Functional Beverages Products

Beverages and You

  • Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to prepare even a simple breakfast yet you need a sumptuous and easy beverage to fill you up especially on-the-go.
  • At times you just want a light snack as you work or while relaxing with your favorite book, or as you watch a favorite TV program.
  • You are trying to provide yourself and even your family, healthy and balanced meals. You need a simple solution to fill in the nutritional gaps in your daily diets.
  • You are passionate in getting high-quality and nutritious beverages not just for you, but for your child and even your parents.
  • You are looking for a simple meal to help boost your work performance and elevate the overall quality of your life.
  • You want a unique beverage that delivers specific and personalized nutritional needs.

If any of the scenario seems familiar to you, then come and discover JoyAmaze® beverages.

JoyAmaze® Functional Beverages Products:


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