JoyAmaze® Functional Beverages Products:

  • Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to prepare even a simple breakfast yet you need a sumptuous and easy beverage to fill you up especially on-the-go.
  • At times you just want a light snack as you work or while relaxing with your favorite book, or as you watch a favorite TV program.
  • You are trying to provide yourself and even your family, healthy and balanced meals. You need a simple solution to fill in the nutritional gaps in your daily diets.
  • You are passionate in getting high-quality and nutritious beverages not just for you, but for your child and even your parents.
  • You are looking for a simple meal to help boost your work performance and elevate the overall quality of your life.
  • You want a unique beverage that delivers specific and personalized nutritional needs.

If any of the scenario seems familiar to you, then come and discover JoyAmaze® beverages.

JoyAmaze® Nutritious Meal


Satisfy your hunger. Shrink your weight
Become the WINNER in your weight loss battle

Next year you no longer need to include weight loss into your new year’s resolution. Because right now you have JoyAmaze® Nutritious Meal as your companion for well-being, fitness, longevity and yes, weight loss. You don’t even need ultra-expensive gadget to transform you to a fitter and trimmer person.

The vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavoured drinkable meal replacement is dedicated to make your commitment to permanent lifestyle change, and eternal slim figure easier to achieve day by day. No more unhappy feeling due to overweight problem and untoned body. Your new mantra is “I love my body. I love myself!” You’re no longer affected with “why can’t I look like her?” when you look at other girls around you, or on the magazine covers.

JoyAmaze® Nutritious Meal is invented based on proven scientific studies on successful weight loss from high protein, high fiber meal plan and it’s formulated with proven cholesterol-lowering ingredient. The key ingredients are split into 2 main functions;

  • To keep you satisfied & to prevent binge eating
    • Inulin
      • Insoluble and prebiotic dietary fiber
      • aids and improve the bowel health
      • prolonged satiety and regulates the appetite
    • Oat Beta Glucan
      • viscous and prebiotic fiber
      • proven scientific results in lowering plasma cholesterol
      • delays digestion process
      • prolonged satiety to prevent excessive snacking
  • To provide you with adequate energy
    • Whey Protein
      • rich in essential amino acids
      • increases muscle metabolism
      • reduces body fat.
    • L-Carnitine
      • metabolises stored fat reserves
      • releases energy
      • improves exercise performance.

Why it’s vital to lose weight for your own health

Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases. There are many factors to cause overweight and obesity. Main reasons are;

  • daily physical inactivity
  • daily low dietary fiber intake
  • eat too much or even addicted to high fat, high calorie but low nutrient food

Make your slimming journey important for your own healthy life and body. Each one of us is unique and worthwhile. Don’t let other people’s superficial looks pull you down. And never resort to drastic measures that’ll hurt your body. Your body is precious. In this life, it is the only one you ever have. If you’re overweight or even obese, lose the weight, not because someone else looks ravishing, naturally or photoshopped but because;

  • You want to walk, run, jump, dance without aching joints, ankles and knees
  • You want to have long-lasting energy to work efficiently, to spend time productively with family and friends, and to enjoy some fun and fulfilling time for yourself
  • You want to lie down comfortable get a restful sleep
  • You want to wake up refresh, energetic and without feeling stiff or bodily pain
  • You want to go out with friends without worrying about embarrassing physical problems such as body odour, stomach discomfort and flatulence
  • You want to enjoy food without eating compulsively and end up with stomach discomfort
  • You want to distance yourself from chronic illnesses
  • You want to live life better, enjoy doing things you used to dream but now have the confidence to experience

The list of wonderful feelings and positive changes to your body after of losing weight is endless. So stop dilly-dallying and start your beat-the-bulge battle now!

Overweight and obesity mostly stem from excess calorie intake and physical inactivity which includes lack of exercises.

Mechanism of Calorie Intake and Your Weight
Calorie IN = calorie OUT = weight maintain
More calorie IN, less calorie OUT = weight gain
More calorie OUT, less calorie IN = weight loss

The body is design to move to be healthy, lean, strong, flexible and balanced. With the added weight and extra calories from the unhealthy food you eat on daily basis, you’re bringing yourself closer to big ticket diseases such as diabetes and chronic heart problems.

To lose weight successfully, you need to eat healthily to reduce your daily calorie consumption and to get active much as you’re able to. JoyAmaze® Nutritious Meal is a part of the solution for healthy weight management. It is creamy, low calorie, high protein and high fiber and able to replace 2 to 3 of your meals in per day to;

  • satisfy your hunger
  • provide ample energy needed for your daily activities
  • reduce your unhealthy food craving

JoyAmaze® Nutritious Meal is not a get-thin-quick solution. It works best when you change your eating habits to healthy eating and start exercising to burn all the unused calories.

JoyAmaze® Nutritious Meal is portable. You can fix your instant meal anytime, anywhere. No more excuses unless you want to go thought these experiences again every time you look into the mirror:

  • You hate the sight of your jiggly arms
  • You pinch your soft, round and flabby stomach in anger
  • You suck in your stomach in when you put on your favourite clothes.
  • You have problem finding a nice tops to flatter your muffin top figure
  • You are suitably distress when your wobbly thigh and hip unable to fit into your beloved jeans.
  • You are frustrated when your dieting fails (again) to nudge the scale number in the direction you want.


Pour 300ml of warm water. Add a sachet of JoyAmaze® Nutritious Meal. Stir or shake well.

For weight loss take 2 to 3 sachets daily to replace 2 of your main meal and as a snack.

For weight management take 1 to 2 sachets to Meal to replace 1 or 2 meals a day to maintain your ideal weight.

Need to increase weight instead, take 1 or 2 sachets as a snack on top of your normal healthy meals.


This product contains dairy ingredient. Individuals with milk protein allergy or lactose intolerant are not advised to consume this product.


JoyAmaze® Inspired!™

Nutritious Chocolate Drink for Students

Product Description

Dear Mom and Dad,

Every day, your precious child is busy - school, tuition, homework, sport, music classes, play dates with friends... It's understandable you're worried about the food your child’s eating since most of her time is spend away from home. As a parent, surely you would love to give the best nourishment to your child as she is full-filling her duty as a student.

Now, you can easily pack a nourishing chocolate drink and lots and lots love inside your child’s bag. JoyAmaze® Inspired!™, currently the richest chocolate milk drink in Malaysia, is the chocolate drink needed by every student.

JoyAmaze® Inspired!™ strategically formulated with 28mg of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), 12 vitamins and 10 minerals.

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid, the main structural component of the human brain, cerebral cortex and retina. DHA is essential for;

  • Brain development,
  • Nervous system,
  • Retina functions and development.

JoyAmaze® Inspired!™ is exceptionally high in vitamin B complex, vitamin D, Folic acid, iodine, magnesium and calcium from seaweed. All the nutrients are intrinsic for the enhancement of your child’s quotients, primarily the Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Creativity Quotient (CQ), Fitness Quotient (FQ) and Concentration Quotient (CcQ).

JoyAmaze® Inspired!™ is suitable for student of all ages – primary school children, secondary school teenagers and college going young adult. The delicious chocolate milk is best consumed in the morning as a part of healthy breakfast.


Pour 180ml of warm or hot water. Pour 1 sachet of JoyAmaze® Inspired!™. Stir or shake well.

As Seen on TV!


JoyAmaze® Hartwéll™

with Beta-Glucan for Cholesterol Control

Product Description

A complete, wholesome meal can be a luxury sometimes, especially if you are a career individual who has to resort to eating out most of your time. Most often you're lacking on fibre but, with such a rushed schedule, you hardly have the time to blend your own fruit and vege smoothie. A lifestyle without proper exercise would aggravate your body's conditions even further.

Supplementing your daily diet with fibre doesn't have to be bland affair. Satisfy your body needs of natural fibre with JoyAmaze® Hartwéll™, the first Beta Glucan juice in Malaysia. This refreshing, versatile and luscious fibre-rich juice in powdered form is easy to be taken anywhere, including to your favourite café.

JoyAmaze® Hartwéll™ a naturally vibrant amber-coloured juice is made with a spectrum of 10 premium selected colourful fruit and vegetables such as beet-root, hawthorn berry, tomato, carrot, lemon and mixed berries that will definitely brighten your taste buds. This easy-to-prepare juice is teeming with various types of fibre, and together with daily diet low in saturated fat, can bring back the joyful bounce in your steps and brighten up your health* too.

JoyAmaze® Hartwéll™ can be consumed at anytime, anywhere even with a meal or as a snack. Oh, didn’t we say it is versatile too? You can use JoyAmaze® Hartwéll™ to prepare varieties of beverages and simple meals – ice blended, smoothie, lassi drink, frozen yogurt, sorbet, cold soup... the list is endless.

  • Each sachet contains fibre from 10 varieties of fruit and vegetable that is high in soluble and non-soluble dietary fibre.
  • Each sachet contains prebiotics and is low in added sugar.
  • JoyAmaze® Hartwéll™ is dairy free, gluten free and is non-laxative.
  • JoyAmaze® recommends you to consume 2 sachets per day to help you meet daily requirement intake of dietary fibre. Diet high in fibre is vital to;
    • Regulate bowel movement
    • Maintain good digestive systems
    • Lower the risk of diabetes
    • Lower the risk of colorectal cancer
    • Reduce cholesterol
    • Lower the risk of coronary heart diseases
    • Manage healthy weight and prevent obesity

*Individual results may vary.


Pour 150ml of lukewarm or room temperature water. Add a sachet of JoyAmaze® Hartwéll™. Stir or shake well. Or,

Pour 200ml of lukewarm or room temperature water. Add 2 sachets of JoyAmaze® Hartwéll™. Stir or shake well.


Some individuals may experience bloating. Reduce the intake of JoyAmaze® Hartwéll™ to half a sachet a day. Gradually increase the intake once your body adapts to the presence of fibre in your daily diet.

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JoyAmaze® Beautéine™

Premix Milk Power with Beautéine™ Formula

Product Description

You smile as you put on the last finishing touch. You gaze in satisfaction as you inspect your reflection in the mirror – pores, fine lines, sun spots hidden behind flawless foundation; cheeks flush with rosy hued blush; crow feet, eye bags veiled by concealer. However, do you smile with the same satisfaction as you remove all these make-up, hours later?

Beauty is not something you apply. It resonates from your healthy inner self, no matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond; a career woman or a dedicated homemaker. It’s every woman’s dream to have naturally clear, dewy and gossamer smooth skin. JoyAmaze® Beautéine™ may be the natural beauty solutions you’re looking for.

No matter what your skin type is, normal, dry, oily or combination, JoyAmaze® Beautéine™, Malaysia first beauty milk is packed with strategic skin beautifying ingredients. The youth elixir of deliciously creamy milk is enriched with;

  • 2 exceptional beauty proteins, 5500mg hydrolysed marine collagen and L-Arginine,
  • Polysaccharide of Silver Ear mushroom (Tremella fuciformis),
  • Essential vitamins, C, A, E, B complex and D3.

All the nutrients are added to deliver nourishment to your body, sooth your skin troubles and help you fight signs of premature aging.



During the day your skin is exposed to various elements and aggressors that strip it from moisture, cause damage to the skin and DNA, encourage pigmentation and speed up the aging process.

At night your body mechanism shifts from protective process to refuelling and maintenance process – to repair all the damage it suffers during the daytime. Your body needs more than just a little TLC your nightly skincare routine of cleansing and moisturising can offer.

JoyAmaze® Beautéine™ has all the vital ingredients your body needs to heal damage skin, modulate the skin turnover by replacing old cells with new ones, replenish the moisture to the cells, bring down inflammations and clear up the skin. This is the best way for you to wake up feeling fresh and looking young and glowing.

Morning as breakfast

JoyAmaze® Beautéine™ is also perfect for breakfast. Don’t worry as JoyAmaze® Beautéine™ is a low acid milk drink and therefore gentle on your stomach. Drink it on an empty stomach to help the body absorbs the nutrient efficiently.

During the day the nutrients can provide protection to your skin from the environmental distress such as chemical, pollutants and UV rays.


Proteins and vitamins are easily destroyed by high heat. Never use hot water with temperature more than 50 °C to prepare JoyAmaze® Beautéine™. If the product gelatinized, then the water you used is too hot.

Pour 180ml of lukewarm water. Add a sachet of JoyAmaze® Beautéine™. Stir or shake well.


Individuals with seafood allergy or lactose intolerant are not advised to consume this product.

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